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What is the Tripartite Advisory Board?

Tripartite Advisory Board

Community Action Partnership

The Tripartite Advisory Board consists of representatives from the public sector, low income sector, and private sector in Solano County. They provide community expertise and guide the CAP Solano JPA by recommending programs for CSBG funding. The Tripartite Advisory Board also advises the CAP Solano JPA on long-term strategic planning, identifying local priorities and needs, and encouraging funding for what Solano County needs most.

The tripartite board structure was introduced in 1964 when Congress passed the Economic Opportunity Act to ensure that Community Action Agencies were administered with the “maximum feasible participation of residents of the areas served and members of the groups served.” In 1967, the Green Amendment added a requirement that one-third of the board be composed of democratically selected representatives of the poor in the area served; and the remainder composed of officials of business, industry, labor, religious, welfare, education or other major groups and interests in the community